NELLİPHOTO01-150x150Nelli Gavriyeloglu was born in Istanbul on July 14th, 1946.
She graduated from Notre Dame de Sion French Girls Highschool (Istanbul) in 1965.
Studied jewellery design at Israel Bezalel Academy between 1968-1972 and earned a degree.
Nelli Gavriyeloglu says: “The first ring I designed has been a turning point in my life.”.
Nelli considers jewellery design as art and sculpture, therefore as a member of the plastic arts.
Her jewellery artifacts have always been related to places and she has aspired and managed to design “placeless and backgroundless” objects. She has approached her exhibitions and the particular design at hand within the framework of a concept; successfuly asserting it with sound and strong motives.
She founded and managed “Nelli’s Art House between 1997 and 2007.
Among Nelli Gavriyeloglu’s exhibitions are:
  • Toward nightfall, 1996 Ayşe jewellery gallery
  • Creation 1998 Nelli Art House
  • Somethings that happen, 2001 Nelli Art House
  • Once upon a time, 2002 Nelli Art House
  • Everything is revolving, 2004 Nelli Art House
  • Emptiness, 2006 Nelli Art House
  • Brain Key 2010 Ayşe Jewelry Gallery
  • MyWay 2012 Schneider Tempel Art Center
  • Journey 2014 Ayşe Jewelry Gallery